Stockholm Workshop – November 15-17th 2013

From the 15 – 17th November, the Taiji School will be doing a Form, Sword Form and Push Hands Workshop in Stockholm, Sweden.

Run by Paul Renall, the Workshop will be divided into different parts:

  • Friday Evening – Sword Form for beginners, 18.00-20.00
  • Saturday and Sunday Mornings Partner work which will comprise of basic exercises to bring the Taiji Principles within the body. 10.00-12.30
  • Saturday Afternoon Sword Form for Advanced students, 13.30-16.00
  • Sunday AfternoonForm for beginners, 15.00-17.00

For all the workshops (other than the Sword Form for Advanced) no experience is necessary, complete beginners are welcome. Students can choose to come to one of the workshops, or all of them, whatever they prefer.

For more information on Prices, location and availability please contact Elena.

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