New Conditioning Class!

We will be starting a New Conditioning Class on Sunday the 24th of November!

The aim of this class is to stimulate the body into a powerful, connected structure.

We will use breathing methods from White Crane and medicine ball techniques to develop this integration.

While most of our work in the taichi is to let go, relax and to feel good, this is a fast class, designed to make you feel good through stimulation.

  • Integrated Breathing Exercises
  • Medicine Ball techniques
  • Crawling

When: Sunday 18:00 – 19:00

Price: 100 Kc Single Lesson

Where: Arha Studio V.P.Čkalova 26, Praha 6, 160 00

This Class is open to everyone! This is not Taiji and you don’t need to practice Taiji to join in!

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