“Taiji is Dao (a philosophy) for living; the training to be a centered, balanced and harmonious human being in all situations, throughout life. Relaxation and the letting go of unnecessary tension from the body and mind are the main principles emphasized. Constant refinement of this process results in an acute awareness of yourself, and later others.”        Wee Kee Jin

Taiji, the Supreme Ultimate, is the embodiment of scientific knowledge and Daoist philosophy, passed down through generations via age old principles.

The art was developed by the founder with the intended purpose for the followers to improve health, increase longevity and to gain the ability to defend oneself. Good character formation is promoted through the understanding of the Dao. All this contributing to enhance mankind and better society.

To practice Taiji is to flow with the changes that happen within life. In the practice we are constantly aware of the changes within the movement, focusing on the process not the result. In life we become aware of the changes within life and we learn to see them for what they are, relaxing to life not holding onto it, learning to let go and feel in every moment.

The “Principles” outlined in the Taiji classics, are most important. The focus should be to constantly ask ourselves the question of are we bringing the principles into all aspects of our life.

To live the Taiji principles, is to harmonize with yourself, others and the environment surrounding you.