Paul Renall Taichi

Paul Renall

Founder of the Taiji School, Paul Renall, started training Taiji in the year 2000, which led to teaching one year later.

He was fortunate enough to meet and train with Wee Kee-Jin in New Zealand. Through long intensive training Paul eventually became a certified teacher of Jin’s “Taijiquan School of Central Equilibrium”. He then went to Europe with Jin, assisting in his workshops and camps.

For the last six years Paul has been taking his own workshops and residentials in and around Europe.

In the last six years, Paul has spent extended periods of time in Taiwan,  learning from some exceptional teachers there. During this time Paul has had many hours personal instruction from notable Masters Jeng, Shen, Hsu, Zhou and Wu, especially in the areas of Push Hands.

Paul’s practice and learning has also been enhanced with instruction from Master Kim (Bagua) and Sam Tam (yiquan).

He is now fulfilling his intention to establish a concentrated environment by founding The Taiji School.


Lenka Ryskova Taichi

Lenka Ryškova

Studied taichi since 1996.

Teachers: Tomas Nowakowski, Mario Topolšek, Zhai Hong Yina(China), Jan Kauskas(GB), Wolf Lowenthal(USA), Phil Shields(GB) a Toni de Moulin(Fr) and Epi van de Pol (Netherlands).

Teaching Taiji since 2004, Lenka has been closely associated with Paul over the last six years. Regularly participating in his intensive workshops and residentials as well as receiving many hours personal instruction.


Jana Chlebowczyková Taichi

Jana Chlebowczyková

Studied with Nikola Luka, Martin Zemek and Epi van de Pol (Netherlands).

Has studied intensively with Paul for six years.




Zdravko Lazarevski Taichi

Zdravko Lazarevski 

Studied Taiji with Borislav Nikolovski in Macedonia from 1994. Zdravko intensively practiced and trained the 37 element form of the late Grand Master Huang Sheng-Shyan with Paul Renall and Ivan Trebichavsky since 2007. Zdravko attended most of the workshops and taiji camps in the Czech Repblic and attended a few of Wee Kee-Jin’s workshops in Germany.

In the last active years, Zdravko attends classes and residentials withPaul, as well as push-hands meetings in the Czech Republic and abroad. Currently, he also brings beginners together to the park class in Prague.


Miloš Komňacký TaichiMiloš Komňacký

Studied Taiji from 2003.

From 2005 practiced and trained master’s Huang Sheng-Shyan taiji style with Ivan Trebichavsky and  the last six years with Paul in Prague.



Ivan Trebichavsky Taichi

Ivan Trebichavsky

Ivan studied taiji with Tomasz Nowakowski in the years 1990-2000. Since the year 2000 Ivan has been studying taiji with Wee Kee-Jin.

His study includes many workshops and camps with Jin in Europe as well as 3 residential courses with Wee Kee-Jin in New Zealand.

Ivan is both a senior student and a certified taiji instructor oj Jin’s “Taijiquan School of Central Equilibrium” since 2006.

In 2006 Ivan invited Paul to Prague for the first time and then he was the organizer for all of Paul’s workshops and camps in the Czech Republic till August 2009.

Since 2006 Ivan is a close student of Paul, visiting most of his workshops, camps, residentials and mainly spending many hours of regular personal training with Paul.

Ivan’s main interests in taiji are the taiji pricnciples and putting them into everyday life and taiji partner work. In both his learning and teaching he prefers personal training.

In 2013 Ivan started the Facebook group’s “Tuishou Praha” – an open group for exchange experience, opinions and meeting people who practice taiji tuishou from different schools and styles. And the “Free Taiji” page – an open group highlighting the Free Taiji that people are offering.

Facebook TuishouPraha, and the Free Taiji group.


Isabella Kohlhuber Taichi

Isabella Kohlhuber

Isabella has attended regular Taiji classes and workshops since 2006 and studied Master Huang’s Taiji System with Ivan Trebichavsky, Lenka Ryšková and Paul Renall since 2008.

She lives and teaches in Vienna, while in Summer she also offers morning trainings and personal instruction on the stunning lakeside location of St.Wolfgang/ Salzkammergut in Austria.

For more info about her trainings, visit her website Taijitoday


Ema Marinescu

Studied tai chi since 2012.

Attends regular classes and workshops with Paul Renall and Lenka Ryskova, also receiving personal training from Paul.

Ema will start the next level of her development when she starts teaching in Prague in early January 2014.




 Dani TaichiDaniel Rodriquez

Daniel Rodriguez began studying Taichi with Paul Renall in Letna park in Prague in the Spring of 2011. During long hours of daily training, Dani and Maria (his partner) learned the form within six weeks!

Showing a great aptitude for teaching, Dani started teaching in his hometown in Spain only a couple of months after learning the form himself.

Since then Dani has been making regular trips back to Prague to train with Paul, also participating in the Summer Residential in Prague for the last two years.

Dani and Maria are now based in Gent, Belgium, where Dani has continued teaching. To find out more about Dani and his classes check out his websites, Chi Life and  Create

 Stefania Tai chiStefania D’Alessandro

Tried exactly one lesson with Renata Berki and Istvan Varga in Budapest, and was inspired enough to want to learn Taiji.

Arrived in Prague at the start of October 2012 and after only 8 hours of arriving joined in with one of Paul’s classes. Stefania developed through regular attendance of the Free Morning Trainings in the Park, and then helped to inspire Paul to create the Conditioning Classes.

Stefania has excelled in the Conditioning Class, enjoying the stimulation and structural training of the body. She also assists Paul by taking the Sunday Conditioning Class when he is not there.