The Taiji School

“…..What is important is that the principles remain the same. Different masters…..improved the art until the ultimate objective is achieved where form becomes formless, limbs are no more important, brute force becomes nonexistent and stiffness has given way to being fully relaxed. Character formation has advanced to the stage of “non-self” and of non-resistance…..”
Master Huang Sheng Shyan

Welcome to The Taiji School, the International centre of applied Taiji principles.

Based in the Golden City of Prague, Czech Republic, the centre was formed with the aim of providing a systematic Taiji training platform for those interested in learning a solid foundation in this extraordinary art.

Founded by Paul Renall, with the intention of spreading and promoting the high quality of Taiji that he learnt from his teachers, the Taiji School offers an exceptional environment to induce the student into the absolute spirit of the way.

Although the accuracy of postural and movement details are of integral importance, the Schools main approach is to focus on cultivating the “essence” within the body through the body’s own natural intelligence and through constant research and practice of the principles.

Whether one is interested in just touching the Dao or one is interested in immersing themselves in it, the natural progression of the learning will accommodate all levels of enthusiasm.