Changes to the Classes

Class changes

The start of November 2013 will mark a change in the structure of the Classes:

  • There will be no more Free Monday and Friday morning Classes. Wednesday morning class will continue until the weather gets too cold.
  • There will be no more Free Wednesday Evening Class, its too dark at night to continue with this class. (Also no class on the 30th of October).
  • Paul will not be in Prague from the 8 – 18th of November, during this time there will be no personal training. Jana will take the Monday evening class and Ivan will take the Free Wednesday morning training on the 13th Of November, also Ivan will take Free Saturday classes during this period.
  • We are looking for an inside space to have a Wednesday Class, somewhere in Prague 6 or 7. If anyone knows of anything, please contact us.
  • We are interested in having an evening Conditioning Class sometime during the week. Some Students have asked for a Sunday evening class at Arha Studio. We would take this class if we get at least 6 people interested in it. Contact us if you are keen.
  • From the start of January next year, the payment for classes will change. There will be two options;
  1. Firstly, the price will cost 800 kc per calendar month, which will allow for the student to come to as many classes that are offered.
  2. Secondly, the student can pay per class that is taken, each class will cost 150 kc.



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