Prague Taichi Residential – July 4-10th 2015!!



From Saturday 4th to Friday 10th July 2015, the Taiji School offers the Prague Summer Taichi Residential.

Due to various external factors, the Residential will only be for one week this year, not the usual one month.

Coming from our experience of park training in the last four years, we want to offer a space for training based on following, exploring and playing with whatever comes alive for every student. Thus allowing the body to learn through experience not only through intellectual understanding.

Through this type of training, students can progress by allowing the time and space for the principles to develop within.

The only prerequisite to attending is an open attitude. Beginners are Welcome!

It will be taught 6 ½ hours per day for the full seven days.

It will be taught in English.






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2013 Taichi Residential

2014 Taichi Residential




Saturday-Friday (6 ½ hours per day)


– 8.00-11.00 Breathing, Relaxing Exercises, Standing Postures, Form, Stepping Form, Partner work

– 11.00-11.30 Master Huang Refined Simplified Form (We will attempt to learn the First Section within the week)


– 17.00-19.00 Partner work.

– 19.00-20.00 Sword Form



– Learn to develp the ability to relax and gain freedom through balanced breath control.

Relaxing Exercises

– Practice of the 7 Basic Relaxing Exercises.

– Focus on one exercise per day.

Standing Postures

– Develop integrity of the body and stillness of the mind


– Practice of the 37 Posture Short Form

– Everyday we will practice the whole form

– Single Posture Practice working from the Start of the Form to the Single Whip. A small part everyday.

– Testing the structure of our Form with a partner providing resistance.

Stepping Form

– Practice of the First Section of the Stepping Form

– Everyday we will practice around four steps of the First Section.

Master Huang Form

– Only practising the First Section of the Master Huang Form.

– Focus on one part of the First Section everyday.

Partner Work

– Active Structural Alignment to develop our body integrity and alignment.

– Practice of the Eight Variations.

– Working on one variation per day (one day we will try to work on two)

– Using the variation; Starting from fixed patterns, moving to stepping, learning how to use the variation within free pushing then learning how to use it within free play

– Free Pushing

Sword Form

– Depending on the level of the students, we will split the class

– Going through the whole form (depending on students level)

– Focus on one part of the form everyday

– Working with a partner providing resistance

– Partner work exercises with the Sword


The Trainings will take place at Letna Park in Central Prague.

The morning trainings will be in a slightly different location than the afternoon trainings.

When it is Wet the trainings will take place at Arha Studio. 

Or under the bridge at Strelecky ostrov when Arha is full.

Please see the Map


Please check the schedule below to see where the trainings will take place!!!

                    SAT 4   SUN 5   MON 6   TUE 7   WED 8   THU 9   FRI 10

MORNING      P           P            P            P          P           P           P

 EVENING       P           P            P            P          P           P           P

P = Park, A = Arha, S = Strelecky ostrov


  • Whole Week – 4,150 Kc (150 euro)
  • Whole day – 650 Kc (25 euro)
  • Half day – 400 Kc (15 euro)





For further detailed information about the Taichi Residential or additional information.

Please contact us

(ph) +420 737629516



Students look after themselves in regards to meals, but there is nothing to fear as Prague has an excellent and very reasonable selection of Vegetarian, Vegan and Raw food restaurants. For usually less than 140 Kc  a restaurant will offer at least one “menu” choice (lunchtime special) for the midday meal. Some of the Prague based students are fantastic cooks and have a lot of knowledge about food. For the most up to date knowledge about restaurants the best people to ask would be Stefania and Ivan.

During the morning training sessions, we encourage students to bring something small for them to eat as the training goes for over 3 hours. Stefania has offered to make some small snacks, cakes etc…just for this, they will be very reasonably priced so if you are interested make sure you have some coins on you.

Stefania created a wonderful little book, Taiji Food, detailing all 31 of the recipes she created over the 2014 Residential, and thanks to her generosity its completely Free!!!



Students arrange accomodation by themselves.

Letna Park is located in Prague 7, walking distance to centre of Prague.

Studio Arha is located in Prague 6, which is three metro stations from the Old Town centre of Prague.

July and August is the best time for the cheap accommodation in Prague because university hostels offer thousands of beds as accommodation for tourists.

Many of the hostels are located close to the places of taiji training, metro and the historical center.
The prices of accommodation start from 300/500 Kc for a single/double room (about 12/20 EUR).

If you are planning on staying for awhile, a good option maybe to rent??

The following website has some very good options!!

300/500 Kc = 12/20 EUR for single/double room.
Walking distance to Metro, ARHA.
Direct TRAM to the park.

300/500 Kc = 12/20 EUR for single/double room.
Walking distance to Metro, ARHA.
Direct TRAM to the park.

300/450 Kc = 12/18 EUR for single/double room.
Direct BUS to Metro, ARHA.
BUS and then TRAM connection to the park.

550/700 Kc = 22/28 EUR for single/double room.
Walking distance to Metro, ARHA.
Direct TRAM to the park.

700/1100 Kc = 28/44 EUR for single/double room.
Walking distance to Metro, ARHA.
Direct TRAM to the park.

500/700 Kc = 20/28 EUR for single/double room.
Walking distance to Metro, city centrum.
Direct TRAM to the park, ARHA.

All of them have the direct TRAM to Metro, ARHA and the park.
Prices from 390/620 Kc = 16/25 EUR for single/double room.
Price list of accomodation :



Prague has an extensive and very efficient public transport system. The buses, trams and metro are very user-friendly and relatively cheap.

Public Transport Map.

Single trip tickets

– 30 min, 24 Kc

– 90 min, 32 Kc

Tourist Passes

– 24 hour pass, 110 Kc

– 3 day pass (72 hour), 310 Kc

– One Month 670 Kc (Recommended!! Can buy at Hradcanska metro Station)


Prague Airport – From the airport take the 119 Bus to Metro A, station Dejvicka (20 min). Go in the metro one stop to “Hradcanska”. From there you can walk a couple of minutes to get to the West Side of Letna Park.

Train Station – Take the Metro line C from inside the train station to stop “Muzeum”, then change to the A line and go to the stop “Hradcanska”. Walk a couple of minutes to get to the West Side of Letna Park.

Bus Station – Take the Metro line B, close to the New Terminal Building, to stop “Mustek”, then change to the A line and go to the stop “Hradcanska”. Walk a couple of minutes to get to the West Side of Letna Park.