Opening and Closing Taiji Workshop – October 17th!!

010912_Seminář mistra Shena_3860The Taiji School will have a Workshop on Opening and Closing at Prague 4 on Saturday the 17th of Prague.

The aim of this Workshop is to develop the “feeling” within the body of how to correctly Open and Close, individually and with a partner.

Opening and Closing in this context, refers to the cultivation of internal energy and not just external gesture. We will practice this by working with some simple movements and then transfer these feelings developed into different situations with a partner. In this instance it is very important to practice with a partner who already has the “correct” feeling in the body. In this way, understanding of the process can be transferred directly through contact, instead of aimlessly “searching” for the right approach.

At least 30 min from both the morning and afternoon session will be given to playing with alternative partners in a “Free” way, to try to integrate the feelings into the body.

Anyone is welcome to come and join in, regardless of whether you are a complete beginner to Taiji or if you are practising a different style or form of Taiji.

Taught by: Paul (English)

When: October 17th 2015

Morning: 10:00 – 12:30

Afternoon: 14:00 – 17:30

Where: Škola Jedličkova ústavu, U Jedličkova ústavu 2, Praha 4 (10 min walk from Vyšehrad metro station)

Price: Whole Workshop – 700 Kc

              Morning – 400 Kc

              Afternoon – 500 kc

*If you have participated in the Open Partner Work Class the previous Sunday, you are eligible for a 100kc discount to the overall workshop fee, or 50 kc discount for a half day fee.