Looking for quality tea to buy??

TeaLegendsAre you desperate to find some really high quality tea to buy?

We may have the answer…

Two of our Instructors, Zdravko and Alex are importing some amazing tea from China and Taiwan.

Alex has just initiated the Tea Cluba place where we can better offer some beautiful teas from around the world.

“Sometimes it will be oolongs from the Wuyi mountains, and sometimes there will be green teas. And then white, and then pu-erh. There are so many regions, farmers and variety in tea to be explored. We love it. And we hope you do too.”

Zdravko has just started to import some amazing Oolong from Taiwan. As many of you already know, I buy a lot of Tea from Taiwan and most of the Oolong I buy there is from one family in Kaohsiung, who have some really incredible tea. Their tea is only the highest level and the interesting thing is that they export none of it, when I asked them why, they said they did not need to, they sell everything within Taiwan, there is soo much demand! Zdravko is now importing this same tea!

If you want to contact either of these guys to purchase some Tea;

Alex –  alex@brill.no www.tealegends.com