Italian Taichi Camp – Sep/Oct 2014

*The Italian Taichi Camp in May has been postponed to Sep/Oct 2014!!

Who likes Italy? Who has been to Italy….not me..

Recently, Stefania offered us the possibility to have a Italian Taichi Camp in her hometown, Cocquio Trevisago in the beautiful region of Varese in Italy. As her home is not so far from Milan and there is a good chance to get a cheap flight into Milan Malpensa from Prague with Easyjet, we have been definitely considering the possibility.
Today we had a little meeting and seriously discussed the options, thus our efforts produced the following plan;


Italian Taichi Camp


When: September/October (At least Three nights)


Staying at Stefania’s Mothers place, 7 x beds + mattresses available.
Limited to 8 Students.
Students can also arrange their own accommodation at any one of the local bed and breakfasts. Feel free to ask Stefania for suggestions, especially concerning the location.
Food: Stefania and her mother will provide 3 x Vegetarian meals per day, breakfast, lunch and dinner’s!! There is also a shop walking distance away.


Taiji Training: Minimum 5 hours per day, max 7 hours. Roughly;
7.00-8.00 – Morning Practice AT HOME on the TERRACE (Relaxing Exercises, Form)
10.00-12.00 – Mid-morning Practice HOPEFULLY OUTDOORS (Stretching, Balance Work, Form)
16.00 – 18.00 – Afternoon Practice HOPEFULLY OUTDOORS (Partner work, Fighting form)
21.00 – 22.00 – Evening Standing/Meditation AT HOME

The weather should be warm, even hot, at least warm enough to swim in the lakes without having to have a threshold like Ivan!

Stefania will arrange 2 x cars for our use, including transport to and from the airport. (For the Flight to and from Prague at least), Location is 40 mins driving from Milan Malpensa airport.
Cost: The price will be divided into categories; (For three nights)

  • Accommodation (Stefania’s), Food (homemade) and Local Transport  – “minimal” suggested donation 75 euro (2000 Kc)
  • Training Cost – 100 euro (2700 Kc)
  • Air Transport from Prague – At the moment the price is around 60 euro (1,600 Kc), will get higher the closer it gets to the departure date. You are responsible for your own booking.
  • Total cost = 175 euro (4700 kc) + Flights


Idea: Our Idea is to do the main morning training at a different location everyday, maybe even taking a packed lunch and some tea. Plus compulsary Ice-creams all round There are some beautiful locations surrounding the area where we are going, a lot of them within fifteen minutes drive;

– Lake maggiore:  (also possible: catching the funicular to practice with this view then click on Funivia.

As we cannot predict the weather, if it rains, Stefania has thought we could train either at her Mothers big living room or at an abandoned factory which is now used for art labs, meditations etc. there are some pics which can be publicly seen on facebook:

To Register: If you are interested in coming you must register with us by sending us an email letting us know your intentions. Priority will be given to the Students registering first and the regular students. If we get the numbers required we will let you know and you can then pay a non-refundable deposit of 40 euro (1100 kc), in either cash to Paul or Lenka, or buy putting it in this account;

In order to get the cheapest flights possible we need to know numbers early. Once we get confirmation of a full attendance we can let you know to book your flights.