Friday Workshops

On certain Friday evenings throughout the year the Taiji School, will offer various Workshops.

These workshops will focus on a specific area of practice. The idea is to teach/learn a small amount of things but have a long time to work on this one aspect, to help to get the right feeling in the body.

After the workshops the student should feel confident in that certain area of practice.

Numbers will be limited, with the first students to apply getting preference.

The Workshops will start between 18.00 and 19.00 on Friday evenings, and take place at Arha studio. They will run for 1.5 – 3 hours, depending on the workshop.

Unless stated, anyone is welcome to join in, complete Beginners or Advanced students!

  • March 14thRelaxing Exercises – Part 3 (Advanced students only)

Taichi Relaxing ExercisesRelaxing Exercises – Feb 14th, 28th and March 14th (Advanced Only)

In this set of Workshops we plan to go through the Up and Down Movement and the Five Relaxing Exercises.

You may think you already know these exercises, but with these Workshops we want to work on a much deeper level than we have previously. Recently we have only looked at playing the taiji in the Human level. In these workshops we will explore the Earth level, which means we will be concentrating on moving the chi through body by the mind intention or Yi.

As Master Huang wrote in his 20 Important Points;

Have faith, modesty and perseverance and success will prevail.”

You will need the above principles in this workshop. We will be moving very slowly, doing very basic movements for long periods of time, patience is essential. To develop in Taiji, you must observe the most obvious, simple things, within that is where Mastery lies.

A good knowledge of the details of the Five Relaxing Exercises must be in place before attending this course, and the student must have completed the 37 Posture Form..

Course is limited to 10 people, First people applying will be accepted.

  • February 14th – Up and Down Movement and First Relaxing Exercise.
  • February 28th – Second and Third Relaxing Exercise.
  • March 14th – Fourth and Fifth Relaxing Exercise.

Taught by: Paul (English)

When: Feb 14th, 28th and March 14th 2014 18.30 – 20.30

Where: Arha Studio, V.P.Čkalova 26, Praha 6 (between metro Dejvicka and Hradcanska)

Cost: 600 Kc for the Course.