Membership now available!

The Taiji School  has now made it possible to view all our Video content through paying a monthly Membership.

For a good discount you can also purchase a three monthly membership (Quarterly) and a Half Yearly Membership.

Monthly Membership = 12 euro

Quarterly Membership = 27 euro (Save 9 euro)

Half Yearly Membership = 45 euro (Save 27 euro)

Many students from out of Prague have been continually requesting more Video content, we hope with this method they can find some satisfaction.

In purchasing a Membership you will be asked to setup a Paypal Account, this is very similar to paying with a credit card,  there will be no extra fees involved in this process. Once you have a Membership then you can log in to view the videos. 

Please note that a Membership allows access to all our Online Video Content, the Videos are protected so you cannot download the files or post them on another website. Every video will have a Free Preview.

More video content will be added regularly.