2020 Flow Form Summer Workshop

Due to the unexpected situation with the Corona virus and the limitations that it has created, we have decided to replace our regular Residential Program with our First Flow Form Workshop.

Experience Freedom in the Body, Mind and Soul with The Flow Form. An integrated series of movements designed to develop, Balance, Fluidity and Structural integrity while inducing Calmness and increased perceptual Awareness


  • WorkshopSaturday 4th July – Wednesday 8th July (Five full days)
  • Certification DayThursday 9th July

During the Five days of the Workshop we intend to go through all Five Sections of the Form, as well as working on Rotational Exercises, Breathing Meditation and Standing Postures. We will also work on the Partner Work that will be required for the Instructors to pass their Certification to Teacher Level.

The Workshop is open to all levels, from complete beginners interested in the health benefits to experienced students looking to graduate into Instructors or Teachers.

It will be taught by the Creator of the Flow Form, Paul Renall. It will be in English. Czech translation can be arranged if required.

2020 Summer Workshop Schedule

MORNING 8:30-11:00First SectionStart to the White Crane Spreads its Wings
Partner Work Sticking
Tri-grams Push
Second SectionStart to the Fist Under Elbow
Partner Work – Seven Pushes
Tri-gramsWard Off
Third Section – Start to the Cross Hands
Partner WorkWard Off, Roll Back Press and Push
Fourth SectionStart to the Third Fair Lady
Partner Work Swinging Arms
Tri-grams Elbow Stroke
Fifth Section Start to the Lotus Kick
Partner WorkReview Patterns
Tri-grams – Cardinal Applications off the Round Arms
Exams for Instructor Level
11:00-11:30Assisted PracticeAssisted PracticeAssisted PracticeAssisted PracticeAssisted Practice
First Section – White Crane Spreads its Wings to the Cross Hands
Partner Work – Pushing on the Body
Tri-grams – Roll Back
Second Section Fist Under Elbow to the Single Whip
Partner Work – Double Hand Push
Tri-grams Press
Third Section Cross Hands to the Single Whip
Partner Work Round Arms
Tri-grams Shoulder Stroke
Fourth Section – Third Fair Lady to the Single Whip
Partner Work Open and Close
Tri-grams – Split
Fifth Section – Lotus Kick to the Finish
Partner Work Review Patterns
Tri-grams – Diagonal Applications off the Round Arms
Exams for Teacher Level
19:30-20:00Assisted PracticeAssisted PracticeAssisted PracticeAssisted PracticeAssisted PracticeParty


  • Rotational Exercises
  • Breathing Meditation
  • Standing Postures
  • Flow Form
  • Pushing on the Body and Sticking Exercises
  • Six Partner Work patterns
  • Eight Tri-grams

Each session will end with a 30 min assisted practice session. This is the time for your own practice, to remember what you have been taught. Questions can be asked and help given during this time.

Please remember that you have the FREE Video Content to assist in your learning of the Flow Form.

The Exam’s for Instructor and Teacher would only take approx 20 min. it would be taken at Arha Studio in private. We would create a schedule once we know who many participants we have.

To Become Certified

If you are interested in becoming an Instructor or Teacher please make sure you understand what is required from you to pass the Certification process.

When filling in the Registration Form you can let us know which Level you are attempting to achieve. The Instructors who would like to become Teachers will receive the required Classics upon Registration.

Price for Workshop

  • Five Days – 3,800 Kc (150 euro)
  • Whole day – 900 Kc (35 euro)
  • Half day – 500 Kc (20 euro)

Price for Certification

  • Instructor – 2,500 Kc (95 euro)
  • Teacher – 2,500 Kc (95 euro)

Payment can be made on the last day of the training.


To book your place please fill out the form below. All participants must fill in the form.

For further detailed information about the Workshop or additional information. Contact us:



The Trainings will take place at Letna Park in Central Prague.

The morning trainings will be in a slightly different location than the afternoon trainings.

When it is Wet the trainings will take place at Arha Studio.

Please see the Map

Please check the schedule below to see where the training’s will take place!!!


P = Park, A = Arha,


Students look after themselves in regards to meals, but there is nothing to fear as Prague has an excellent and very reasonable selection of Vegetarian, Vegan and Raw food restaurants. For usually less than 150 Kc a restaurant will offer at least one “menu” choice (lunchtime special) for the midday meal. Some of the Prague based students are fantastic cooks and have a lot of knowledge about food. For the most up to date knowledge about restaurants the best person to ask is Ivan.

During the training sessions, we encourage students to bring something small for them to eat.


Students arrange accommodation by themselves.

Letna Park is located in Prague 7, walking distance to centre of Prague.

Studio Arha is located in Prague 6, which is three metro stations from the Old Town centre of Prague.

July and August is the best time for the cheap accommodation in Prague because university hostels offer thousands of beds as accommodation for tourists.

Many students recommend the following site;



Prague has an extensive and very efficient public transport system. The buses, trams and metro are very user-friendly and relatively cheap.

Public Transport Map.

Single trip tickets

– 30 min, 24 Kc

– 90 min, 32 Kc

Tourist Passes

– 24 hour pass, 110 Kc

– 3 day pass (72 hour), 310 Kc

– One Month 670 Kc (Recommended!! Can buy at Hradcanska metro Station)

Prague Airport – From the airport take the 119 Bus to Metro A, station Dejvicka (20 min). Go in the metro one stop to “Hradcanska”. From there you can walk a couple of minutes to get to the West Side of Letna Park.

Train Station – Take the Metro line C from inside the train station to stop “Muzeum”, then change to the A line and go to the stop “Hradcanska”. Walk a couple of minutes to get to the West Side of Letna Park.

Bus Station – Take the Metro line B, close to the New Terminal Building, to stop “Mustek”, then change to the A line and go to the stop “Hradcanska”. Walk a couple of minutes to get to the West Side of Letna Park.