Residential Meals with Stefania!

We are very fortunate to have Stefania here at the Taiji School, not only is she a dedicated student, but she is a fantastic cook!!

And we are happy to announce that during the morning training sessions of the Residential, Stefania has offered to make some small snacks, cakes etc…(as the sessions continue for over three hours). ThBell Pepper Tofu Spreade snacks will be very reasonably priced so if you are interested make sure you have some coins on you.

Also on some of the Fridays and on one Sunday, Stefania will cook the midday meal! For those that have experienced Stefania’s cooking you know how good this can be! Directly after the training we would go to Basama tea Kafe (Run by Helen and Andy), very close to Letna. Eat the meal prepared by Stefania and then drink some of the nice tea on offer. Andy has generously offered to open the Kafe early for us (usually opens at 16.00). We would just need to let Stefania know of how many of us wants to go by the end of the Wednesday morning training sessions.

Friday the 4th – “Spread feast” (Hummus, guacamole, baba-ganoush plus other spreads with plenty of finger food, home-made bread etc.)

Friday the 11th –  Italian tasting (ravioli with spinach, gnocchi – Italian dumplings – with soy ragout and lasagne with mushrooms as main course + small appetizers)

Sunday the 20th –  Raw food

Friday the 25th – Quiche & savory strudel galore

Every time there will also be some vegetables, home-made sourdough bread and some sweets.

Everything will be vegetarian with plenty of vegan options (the raw meal will be vegan and gluten-free) and if somebody has special requirements (such as gluten-free), they should say it when they boRaw Blueberry Tartok and their requests can be accommodated.

The price should be around 150-200 for the meal, separate price for the tea.

If you want to book your place now or you are interested in Stefania’s cooking you can check out the links below or  contact Stefania directly via her email;
FB page:
email: weak.topology(at)