Taiji Food – Free eBook from our Italian Chef!

curried vegetable quicheThose that participated in the recent Prague Summer Taiji Residential training were extremely fortunate to have the experience of letting our Italian Chef, Stefania, play with the balance of our taste buds!

Every morning, midway through the 3.5 hour training session, Stefania would unveil another “Snack Masterpiece”. Not only were the snacks delicious but very healthy too…from exquisite hummus to succulent cakes mmmm…I think people must have been more interested in coming for the food than the training.

The exciting news is that Stefania has created a wonderful little book, Taiji Food, detailing all 31 of the recipes she created over the Residential, and thanks to her generosity its completely Free!!!

Taiji Food – Free Download

(Stefania suggests that you should use adobe and NOT googlereader to read it) 

Taiji Food ImageThe Taiji Food book is also downloadable via Stefania’s great cooking blog la tortoise, where you will also find many other fantastic recipes to choose from.

You can also follow Stefania on Facebook at; https://www.facebook.com/latortoiselpd

We just want to say a big Thank you Stefania, not only for the great cooking over the Residential and the Fantastic Book, but also for inspiring those of us who are less culinary talented than yourself!