Taichi Workshop in the Netherlands – March 13-15th!!

On the 13-15th of March 2015, The Taiji School will be giving two separate Workshops in the Netherlands.


Taichi for SeniorsFirst WorkshopHow to Teach Taichi to Kids and Seniors

This Workshop is directed to Teachers or Therapists, with or without knowledge of Taichi, who would like to get a new approach and learn the benefits that Taichi can give to these very important social groups in our society. Taught by Lenka Ryskova this Workshop will be split into two parts in the following program;


How to Teach Tai Chi to Kids

When: 18.30-20.30, Friday 13th March 2015

Price: 15 euro


How to Teach Tai Chi to Senior Citizens

When: 20.30-22.00, Friday 13th March 2015

Price: 15 euro


Where: Shri Lakshmi Center, Hilverstweg 142, 1214 JL Hilversum

Contact: info@human-potential.nl tel: 06-29282985, www.human-potential.nl

Taichi Free Movement - HilversumSecond WorkshopFreedom and Fear

The aim of this workshop is to develop Freedom of movement through the letting go of body and mind. To try to achieve this we will practice Breathing and Stretching, Partner-work and some Form, While doing these exercises we will explore different ways of moving while testing our structure and body limits through body contact and awareness. Recognition of tension and fear is paramount before we can attempt to dissolve them. Taught by Paul Renall with assistance from Lenka Ryskova this Workshop will be split into three separate parts.


Part 1 – Freedom

9:30-10.45 – Breathing and Stretching

10:45-11.00 – Pause


Part 2 – Play

11:00-12.30 – Body Conditioning, Base Building, Partner work

12.30-13.30 – Lunch


Part 3 – Accuracy

13:30-15.00 – Day 1: Short Form 1st Section/ Day 2: Short Form 3rd Section

15.00-15.15 – Pause

15.00-17.00 – Day 1: Short Form 2nd Section/ Day 2: Short Form 4th Section


Price: Half day – 40 euro

           One Day – 60 euro

           Weekend – 90 euro

Where: Amsterdam, De Catamaran School, Bentinckstraat 78 1051 GN

Registration: info@human-potential.nl , taijiles@jmansem.dds.nl , taiji@annyploegmakers.nl tel: 06-29282985, www.human-potential.nl

For more info: http://human-potential.nl/paul%20renall%20workshop%2014-15%20march%202015.html