Personal Training

P1090338-002The Taiji School offers Personal training for those who are interested.

The trainings generally take place at either Letna Park  or Arha Studio, depending on the time of year and the weather situation.

Students who regularly participate in the classes and workshops will be given first option on available times.

Please contact us to make the necessary arrangements.


“Personal training with Paul is always tailored to your needs. Paul’s great at listening and picking up on your strengths, which he’ll help you develop, and your weaknesses, which he’ll help you see and correct. He always gives you exactly what you need, explains things in detail, keeping a light and relaxed atmosphere and the training is always fun! Lesson after lesson there is a feeling of continuous improvement. I’m very grateful for such a good teacher!”


“I’m afraid that the best term of comparison that would come to my mind whenever I wanted to describe my personal training with Paul is a bit nerdy and verbose, nonetheless hopefully efficacious. I think that more or less everybody has come across the gravitational field in their lives. The most eloquent image to understand how this stuff roughly works is given by a stretched piece of cloth on which you put a small sphere: you will immediately notice that not only does the sphere modify the shape of the cloth, but it also attracts to itself other possible smaller spheres that we put onto the cloth afterwards. I think that the same happens with Paul: his presence modifies the ambiance he’s embedded in, which is therefore filled with calmness, serenity, atemporality and awareness; people are attracted to it and they cannot help feeling an immense joy to practice with Paul, a very humble and extraordinary teacher.” 


“My personal training with Paul has been: Inspiring, it is creative, it makes me think in a non-conventional way, and I have benefited in keeping my center, following, adhering and listening and listening..

What I benefited the most is that it relaxes me on any stressed day and I can enjoy every moment more, regardless of how i feel. what matters is that afterwards it feels good. :)”



“I am student of psychology and personal trainings with Paul are a great practice for discovering psychology through our bodies. Paul teaches me to listen well – to myself as well as to other(s), feel (every little change), how to be in contact – feel others. It´s a lot about attention and vigilance, holistic (nonverbal) communication. It helps me to find and keep my space. And it´s great to relax with a common study!”


“I have learned taiji since 2010 and I have attended personal trainings with Paul once a week since September 2013. For myself I feel I have made huge progress since I started to train personally with Paul. Its not just that the training is quiet intensive and varied (from relaxing exercises to 37 posture form to push hands and to conditioning exercises) but its lots of fun as well, but!! Paul has the great ability to spread the taiji “softness” around, so you have the best opportunity to catch it/receive it and feel it. When you discover some new feeling, that you can relax this and that even more, that gives you this huge push to continue, you simply want more and more. Now I started to go into smaller details in the form and that’s just great.! Love trainings with Paul, he gives me a new horizons on how to play taiji and my body loves it as well. Big thanks!!!”


“The training with Paul is joy, play, fun, relaxation and deep but effortless concentration. There are not fixed patterns in our training. It is a play originating from what is being offered by a situation. I appreciate with gratitude the ability of Paul to listen and adjust the training to the state of mind and body of the student.

I believe that the most efficient way how to learn the tai-ji principles is through touch. And my experience with personal trainings confirms this belief. At the trainings Paul`s softness is becoming my softness and slowly and steadily the softness, relaxation and clear awareness are creeping into my daily life.”



“Paul is a wonderful teacher. He is keenly aware of each individual’s strengths and weaknesses. He conscientiously caters to such differing levels and abilities, both in group classes and in individual training sessions. Ever patient, respectful, and kind, he inspires confidence while simultaneously challenging students to take their practice to a new level. He fully embodies the tai chi principles and thus he also quietly encourages students to deepen their practice by his own example and through his mere presence. He is an inspiration and he makes training a joy.”


“I find personal training both fun and useful. It has helped me to feel my body and be more able to find balance not only in my body . Understanding the principles of how the body functions has often helped me  to realize processes in my mind. What I find extremely valuable is Paul´s approach, he wouldn´t make taichi a duty or a must, so that you would feel guilty if not practising everyday, he would rather put it the way that it is good to do it because you want it.”



“About personal training in general;

There is an ancient saying that : “Taiji is easy to learn but difficult to correct”. My personal experience is that after 10 years of quite intensive learning and practising taiji I found out that I’m doing some basic mistakes.

The mistakes which I wasn’t aware before and which I wasn’t corrected too. These mistakes become my deep rooted habits and it took me about the next 8 years to correct them.

I’m happy with that also because I can see some my former taiji schoolmates doing the same mistakes now after more then 20 years.

Because of that the process of learning taiji is for me very much about correcting mistakes.

And the personal training could be the most effective way of teaching taiji because it’s dealing with the specific needs of every different student.

At the same time personal training could be the most demanding for the quality of a teacher.


What’s special at personal training with Paul;

I’ve spent with Paul many hours of personal training and this type of teaching has been the most important for my taiji progress during the last couple of years.

My personal training with Paul is always very relaxed, open, informal, enjoyable and with lots of fun.

Paul never show off how good he is. He is always working for me to help me to find out things by myself.

For me it’s the most natural and effective way of learning now.

It’s the same way I learnt some basic skills like walking where I was a little child.

And then I lost this ability when I become older.

Personal training with Paul is for me like going back to be a kid playing with an older brother or a friend.

And at the same time learning much more then in any other way.”