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Taiji Links

Warrior Spirit
Martial Conditioning in Prague
Sundo – Taoist Yoga
Learn the ancient Korean art of Taoist Yoga in Prague
Trenérskou školu tchaj-ťi
Trenérskou školu tchaj-ťi
Taiji Asociace CR
Taichi Association of the Czech Republic, o.s.
Taichi for kids
Lenka’s Taichi website for kids. In Prague.
Taiji Praha
Ivan Trebichavsky has studied with Jin since 2000 and now teaches Taiji in Prague, Czech Republic (classes in English).
Free Taiji
Free Taiji in the Park Facebook page
Escuela de Taiji
Dani Rodriguez’s Taiji School in El Lance on the Spanish South Coast. Website in Spanish.
Danish Centre for Taiji and Qigong
Head instructor Torben Bremann runs this large school in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Taiji Center Stockholm
Taiji Center run by Elena
Thomas Kirchner’s school based in Jena, Germany. Offering regular classes and Workshops using Wee Kee-Jin’s method.
Human Potential
Marcela’s Taiji School in Hilversum, Holland. Organizers of Paul’s workshops in Holland.
Anny’s Taijiquan
Anny Ploegmaker’s website based in Utrecht, Holland. Offering regular classes and Workshops.
Bewegen naar Bewustzijn
Diana Plantinga teaches regular taiji classes, business training and other activities based on the taiji principles.
Taijiquan les Amsterdam
Website from Jacqueline Ansem. Jacqueline is a long time student of Wee Kee Jin. Along with Jorge, she is offering regular lessons in a Community centre in Amsterdam.
Tai Chi Centrum Bratislava
Anna Benadikova’s Tai Chi center in Bratislava, Slovakia.
Taiji Lightchi
Zdravko’s Taiji page
Taiji Today
Taiji training in the park in Vienna, instructed by Isabella.
Taichi in Marburg
Marcus Wagner’s Taichi site in Germany
Arnoud’s Taijiquan
Arnoud’s Taiji School in Nieuw Amsterdam, Holland.
Taijiquan School of Central Equilibrium
Main school (“Headquarters”) of Wee Kee-Jin in Auckland, New Zealand.

Other Interesting Links

Earthing CZ
Official distributor of Earthing Products in the Czech Republic
Oficiální distributor uzemňujících produktů pro Českou republiku
Yracema, Tribal Fusion Dance
Yracema is a Tribal Fusion Dancer/Performer based in Sweden. She is doing regular international workshops and performances.
Communication and Conflict
This website shares insights from the practice of Mediation – a process designed to promote effective communication and conflict resolution.
Euro Region in Photos
Amazing Landscape photos of the European Region by the very talented Loni Liebermann. Photos can be brought and downloaded.
Plant Rhythms
Wildcrafted Organic Plant Remedies
Honzas Ashram
Jan Hlavaczech’s blog site.
Arha Studio
Health and Relaxation Studio, Prague
Therapy Ryskova
Therapy site of Lenka Ryskova.
A very informative tea website, in Spanish, but can be translated into English.
An exceptionally talented young artist. This website shows Douglas’s recent works. Some of the artworks are available to purchase.
Renall Wine
An interesting and informative wine resource on the web.
Confiserie Jonas
The Belgian Chocolate Master
Great shoes for running and Taichi
Holistic Life Coaching
 Attain peace, contentment and joy on the journey towards your goals.
Tea Legends
 Join the Tea Club to experience some fantastic, high quality tea!
la tortoise
Stefania’s cooking blog. Best recipes you will find on the web!
Acupuncture Utrecht
Acupuncture and Chinese herbal therapy in Utrecht