Membership now available!

The Taiji School  has now made it possible to view all our Video content through paying a monthly Membership. For a good discount you can also purchase a three monthly membership (Quarterly) and a Half Yearly Membership. Monthly Membership = 12 euro Quarterly Membership = 27 euro (Save 9 euro) […]

New Conditioning Class!

We will be starting a New Conditioning Class on Sunday the 24th of November! The aim of this class is to stimulate the body into a powerful, connected structure. We will use breathing methods from White Crane and medicine ball techniques to develop this integration. While most of our work […]

Changes to the Classes

The start of November 2013 will mark a change in the structure of the Classes: There will be no more Free Monday and Friday morning Classes. Wednesday morning class will continue until the weather gets too cold. There will be no more Free Wednesday Evening Class, its too dark at […]