Taiji could be described as the “Art of letting go”. It is a process to develop and deepen the relaxation of body and mind, overcoming stress and its associated illnesses.

Better posture, alignment and balance, improved blood circulation and a strengthened immune system are just some of the many benefits that can result from regular Taiji practice.

Initially the student should feel a general release of tension throughout the body and mind, after continual practice these feelings of release should deepen and extend into normal daily activities. The increased awareness of the subtle sensations and reactions within the body and mind will lead to an overall body/mind awareness, and extend into mindfulness in every situation.

In most traditional medicine, health problems are dealt with as soon as any imbalance in the energy system of the body is detected. Disease and Illness comes from the imbalance at the elemental level in the body, this is generally attributed to the blockage in the flow of the energy system from physical and mental stress. The gentle nature of Taiji enhances and deepens the Qi flow, balancing the energy system and preventing blockages from building up.