Great Shoes for Taichi – Trailpoint!!

TrailpointThree years ago I was trying to buy some good running shoes, I was very dissapointed because all I could get were high-tech shoes with huge supportive soles. I did not want anything so fancy I just wanted a thin soled shoe that felt like I was wearing nothing.

Well, last christmas I was fortunate enough to receive the Books, Born to Run and Eat and Run, very nice books, particularly if you are a runner. The interesting thing is that these books have seemed to create a revolution in the running world. I know people, that have never run, that have read these books and immediately have gone out running, thats how inspiring they can be. Not only are they creating enthusiasm, they have also encouraged a wave of new thin soled running shoes, which is great news for someone like myself who grew up never wearing shoes.

As we train soo much outside these days I have also been looking for a thin soled shoe for Taichi practice, which is strong enough to not fall apart yet still gives me that barefoot feeling.

Ivan then took me to Trailpoint in Prague 7. I was amazed, so many great running thin soled running shoes!! And they had some perfect taichi shoes also.

Ivan bought a pair for himself, and after a few weeks telling me how great they were, I went and bought a pair for myself.


The shoe to the left is the one we purchased, the Vivo barefoot Aqualite. The sole is only 2.5mm thick, with a wide toe area, which gives the foot a very free, sensitive  feeling, and the sole is flat and smooth so it is perfect for the Taichi. While the shoe seems quite sturdy and strong. However they have many different options.

The shoe is not cheap, but if you are doing as much practice as myself I think it is a worthy investment.

The guys at Trailpoint are great, they will help you choose what you desire, and as they are experienced runners, they know what they are talking about!

They have even been kind enough to offer a 10% discount for anyone at the Taiji School.

If you are interested in their products let myself or Lenka know and we can give you a discount card.


TRAILPOINT – natural running concept store
Jirečkova 7
Praha 7

Michael Dobiáš

tel.:  +420 722 939 746


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